Freeway TV Antenna

Posted on March 03 2020

Freeway TV Antenna

1byone- Freeway TV Antenna


When it comes down to it, TV Freeway is simply a piece of equipment (a tool) that provides access to digital over-the-air signals broadcasted by major networks. This means that with the new 1byone- Freeway TV Antenna Digital Cable Antenna you can get free access to all of your favorite broadcast network shows, local news & amp; weather, sports, children's programming and so much more in crystal clear high definition. This means you get all of your favorite channels for FREE. Freeway Antenna is a portable digital antenna that promises to help you cancel your cable subscription and enjoy your favorite broadcasts for free.

Our Brand 1byOne started in 2001, in a small studio with only one desk. We worked tirelessly to bring our vision and products to life. Our team is committed to continued product development, to appropriately respond to the dynamic client needs and are continuously working to improve and produce innovative products for our customers.

Product Description

You are no longer required to pay triple-digit monthly bills with our Freeway Antenna. It is a  purchase for less than 30 dollars which can save you 80-212 dollars every month. This innovative 1byone Indoor Flat Digital Antenna is worth every penny you pay.

Thin, Light-weight and Paintable: 1byOne freeway antenna is thin, light-weight and paintable so that you can paint it according to your home decor.

Easy Installation: You can install it in less than 5 minutes as it’s easy to set up! Just plug into your TV’s coaxial cable port, set your TV to antenna mode and scan for channels.

Up to 80 miles range: 1byone freeway antenna includes an intelligent Integrated Circuit (IC) chip, powerful amplifier signal booster and the most advanced Clean Peak Filter technology to insulate against cellular and FM interference and provide low-noise crystal-clear picture for 50-80-mile channel reception.

Free HDTV Channels: With 1byOne Relay Link Antenna you can get free access to all the channels available in your area, including the most popular over-the-air TV shows, sitcoms, news, kids programs, sports and much more, all in the amazing 4K Ultra HD for the best picture quality, most striking colors and dramatic sound.

Channel selection and picture quality is dependent on broadcast strength and location. Antenna reception and picture quality may also be affected by local terrain and obstructions such as hills, mountains, buildings and trees. Enter your address into a website such as tvfool or FCC for channel listings in your location.

High Quality Coaxial Cable:

Long coaxial cable offers users the flexibility to place the antenna much higher on a wall or closer to a window for optimal reception.

The premium coaxial cable consists of a solid center conductor, dielectric insulation, 3 layers of aluminum shielding and durable outer layer. Durable construction protects against Electromagnetic Interference and Radio Frequency Interference, resulting in the best picture quality and consistent performance.


1byOne Freeway Antenna comes with a detachable amplifier. It also has a USB and wall-powered option.

Indoor TV Antenna Specifications:

Frequency range: 47-230MHz, 470-862MHz

Receiving range: VHF/UHF

Gain: 28dB

Output Level:100dBμV

Impedance: 75Ω

Power Supply: Via USB Power Adapter(5V/100mA)

For Improved Strength and Connectivity:

There are three simple steps by which you can easily improve the strength and connectivity:

  1. Antenna should be placed in an area having good reception.
  2. You can directly connect the antenna to HDTVs
  3. You can run channel scan to have access to all your favorite programs for free.

Why choose Freeway Antenna?

  1. Good mile range antenna.
  2. High quality coaxial cables.
  3. Quick and fast service.
  4. Many channels in affordable price.
  5. Easy to install.
  6. UHF/VHF Signal enhancing

Customer Satisfaction:

Satisfied customers are our foremost task and prime priority. 1byone FREEWAY antenna is a must try and we guarantee you that you won’t regret this one time purchase that will save you from spending a fortune on cables for watching channels that you don’t even want to watch. We stand with our products 100% and offer 90-day Return. We also offer a 24-month warranty for our customers. If you have any query or issues regarding our products, feel free to reach us directly at any time.

For more information and queries please feel free to get in touch with our customer service

We are already waiting to serve you! Have a great deal.

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