BInary TV Antenna

Posted on March 03 2020

BInary TV Antenna

BINARY TV ANTENNA- Cut the cord and stream the most popular TV shows in Full HD Picture and Sound in JUST $34.99!!

Despite paying a huge amount of money on TV Cable, do you still cannot find anything to watch on the television? If yes, then why pay tons of money each month for channels that you don’t even watch. This problem can be solved by a one-time purchase of TV Antenna. Cut the cord and say goodbye to triple digit monthly bills. Once you connect the antenna, you will get dozens of channels for free without any subscription fees. This includes all the top-rated channels and programs you didn’t even know about. You pay only once to buy the antenna and then there is no monthly bill.

1byOne offers its customers with a wide range of affordable and good quality Antennas. Our Brand 1byOne started in 2001, in a small studio with only one desk. We worked tirelessly to bring our vision and products to life. Our team is committed to continued product development, to appropriately respond to the dynamic client needs and are continuously working to improve and produce innovative products for our customers.

Binary TV Antenna- Say Goodbye to TV Cable monthly bills.

Product Description:

With Binary TV Antenna, you can get free access to all the content available in your area, including the most popular over-the-air TV shows, news, sitcoms, kids programs, sports and much more, all in breathtaking 4K Ultra HD for the best picture quality, most vivid colors and stunning sound.

Aesthetically creative and clean design: 1byOne Binary TV Antenna has a unique and creative double panel sleek design. It is an indoor flat digital antenna that can save you a huge amount of cable fees.

Full HD Channels, Free for Life: With 1byOne Binary TV Antenna, you no more have to pay a huge bill on TV. Our HD antenna can receive FULL HD Channels like local news, weather, sitcoms, kids and sports programs like NBC, ABC, PBS, CBS, The Cw, Fox and many more, and that too absolutely free. It is an advanced tool to receive free HD channels for the rest of your life for FREE!

Long-range signal reception: 1byOne Binary 4K TV Antenna with the advanced smart IC Chip and RG6U Cable will auto optimize the long-range signal reception and offer you the true 4K Quality Picture.

 Full 1080 HD Quality Picture and Noise-free Sound: 1byOne Binary tv antenna adopts upgraded Powerful Amplifier Signal Booster with built-in Smart IC Chip & Cleanpeak Filter Technology. This new technology filters out cellular and FM signals resulting in clearer picture, low noise and access to more free broadcast TV signals with enhanced gain, range and frequency performance.

 High Quality Coaxial Cable:The 1byOne Binary TV Antenna comes with a high quality RG6U cable which consists of a solid centre conductor, dielectric insulation, 3 layers of aluminium shielding and durable outer layer. Durable construction results in best picture quality and consistent performance as it protects against Electromagnetic Interference and Radio Frequency Interference.

 Super easy to install: 1byOne has made it easier for you to place the Binary TV Antenna in your house to get the best reception.To install it, face the antenna in the direction of your local tower and scan for channels.

 More Entertainment: Channel selection and picture quality is dependent on broadcast strength and location. Antenna reception and picture quality may also be affected by local terrain and obstructions such as hills, mountains, buildings and trees. Enter your address into a website such as tvfool or DTV Gov Maps for channel listings in your location.

 100% Satisfaction: Our Customers are our priority. Binary TV Antenna is definitely worth buying and we guarantee you that you won’t regret this one-time purchase that will save you from spending a huge amount of money on cables. We stand behind our products 100% and offer 90-day Return. We also offer a 24-month warranty for our customers.

If you have any query or issues regarding our products, feel free to reach us directly at any time.

 Why Choose Binary TV Antenna?

  • Super affordable
  • Free HD Channels for life
  • Powerful Amplifier Signal Booster
  • High quality Picture and Sound
  • Long Range Signal Reception
  • High Quality Coaxial RG6U cable
  • 24-month warranty

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